Here is how we can help you:

Your Business Growth

The growth of your business is intentional and you have to plan for it. We host workshops that specifically help you to create a well thought out plan for this growth.

Your Financial Management

The workshop assists you to start improving your financial management. This is in addition to sharing with you the various business funding opportunities that are available for your business.

Your Business Challenges

Being in business in Kenya is often a challenging and lonely journey, so we work with you to seek solutions to the present hurdles you’re facing. If you are wondering how your business will survive in the present economy, one way is to increase your marketing & sales – we provide you with various platforms for this.

Getting More Sales

Sales is the most critical part of any business. if you have not figured out how to sell consistently, how great your product is doesn’t really matter. The workshop helps you to narrow down your target market and how to reach them – you will certainly love the business networking session where we encourage trade between the business owners.

The business owners workshops that we host help you to review and improve your present business operations. 

We identify the pain points in your business and help you to address them using the P.O.E.M Framework. 

What is the P.O.E.M Framework that we cover in the workshop entails the following:

  • P. roposition.
    Get to understand your value proposition, what is your Unique selling point? We help you identify your uniqueness, then create an effective marketing and sales plan that will guide your 5-10 year expansion plan.
  • O. rganization:
    This includes your people, your founding team, advisory team, management team & all other employees. How are you attracting & retaining talent? How are you managing the millennial workforce? Do you have clear internal processes for getting their work done?
  • E. conomics:
    This covers your revenue, expenditure, cash flow, your financial management& reporting tools. We provide you with a tool to get you started on your book keeping, tips to improve your profits, understanding management accounts and a separate a tool for personal finance management. In addition, we guide you on preparing your business to be funding ready.
  • M. ilestones:
    What are your sales targets this year? Have you set the milestones to achieve this year? What were your past year achievements & challenges? Is there a customer & market fit for your product? Is your marketing and sales plan presently giving you sufficient results?

So what do you achieve at the end of the workshop? 

  • The essentials skills to improve how you are presently managing your business and to prepare for Growth, Sustainability and Profitability.
  • Post Workshop Business Support: To ensure that you continue to work on the action points discussed, we continue to provide you with business support services and mentorship all through. We also give you access to our advertising and recruitment platforms
  • If you have been running a business in Kenya, then this workshop is just the perfect fit for you. 
  • We host both online forums and in person workshops. CLICK HERE To Get Started On This Exciting Business Journey!