10 helpful tips on how to position your business

1. Capacity & Skills : Ensure your team has great knowledge of your products and services. Everyone in your business should be able to sell

2. Profitable Industry : Ensure you are in a lucrative business sector, your market research will guide you.

3. Target Market: Have a target market and unique niche – You cannot be selling to everybody). Know about your industry, customers and competitors .

4. Business Structure: Register your business under the appropriate category and maintain good financial records at all times i.e. sales, expenses, inventory, tax etc.

5. Growth Plan: Create a comprehensive business plan that will serve as a your business guide and roadmap that has the capacity to attract business capital, partners and investors. The business plan shows them if your business is profitable and sustainable in the long run.

6. Build a team: Build a competent and loyal workforce that will be key to drive the vision of your business.

7. Brand Visibility and awareness: Have a good marketing plan that will attract customers always. Leverage on both online and offline platforms.

8. Value identification: Ensure your business is creating value to your clients and the community it serves in.

9. Accessibility: Make yourself accessible, through having good location or find away to get to your clients easily. With the digital age, clients love ease and speed. How has your business embraced technology?

10. Affordability: Target clients who can afford your products or services so you don’t waste your time and resources trying to sell to the wrong people.

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